Tactical and Ultimate Abilities I Want for the Next Apex Legends Hero

With the Voidwalker event in full swing at the moment, let’s take some time off and talk about the possible abilities for the next Apex Legends Hero. We won’t get anything official until w...[Read More]

5 Games To Watch Out For This September

Gaming can be a costly hobby. Considering that most new games nowadays are $60 a piece, you can quickly find yourself low on funding. Hey, you still have to feed yourself, right? Learning how to save ...[Read More]

Game Developers Should Never Insult Their Player Base… Ever.

Life of being a video game developer can be difficult. Coding isn’t easy especially for something complex as an online video game. So, you work your ass off to meet the deadline, you put your ha...[Read More]

Video Games Have Become Scummy

I miss the good old days when we could just buy games and play it uninterrupted. We got the whole content at asking price! Nowadays we have to pay for an unfinished product from most developers. Only ...[Read More]

Video Games Shouldn’t Take the Fall for Every Instance of Violence

Time and time again, video games have been blamed for violent acts from people in positions of power with little or no evidence backing up their claims And yet, as soon as the dust settles and even be...[Read More]

Will Apex Legends’ Solo Mode Work?

Apex Legends has always been a team-based battle-royale. So imagine my surprise when I heard that Respawn Entertainment will be adding a Solo Mode, which has been a much-requested feature, on August 1...[Read More]

EA Access + PS4

EA Access on PS4 – Is It Worth Spending Your Money On?

EA Access on PS4 just recently became available. For quite some time, EA Access has always been exclusive to the PC and as well as Microsoft’s Xbox One. While it isn’t on Nintendo’s ...[Read More]

Cyberpunk 2077 V

Why Political Correctness Should Stay Out of Video-Games

It is 2019 and we should get offended by everything. If you’re white, heterosexual, and male then you’re an entitled bigot who needs to check his privilege. How dare your race takes the spotlight for ...[Read More]

Most Anticipated Games on PS4 in August

July was not exactly a month that had the most exciting releases of PS4 games. Probably the only thing that kept the month interesting was the release of Bethesda’s Wolfenstein spin-off, Youngbl...[Read More]

Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Flight in Shadowbringers

This guide is for those of you who can’t wait to go out into the world of the First and take to the skies where no Warrior of Darkness has ever gone before. Now for those of you who have already...[Read More]

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