Fall Guys Going Free To Play and Coming to PS5

fall guys ps5

The makers of Fall Guys have recently announced that the game will be going free to play as well as coming to the PS5 platform. The best thing about this free to play is that you don’t need PS Plus to be able to play the game or even enjoy the multiplayer aspect.

Along with the game going free to play are new additions to the game which include the new episode Blast Balls, Hex-A-Ring and a few others that the developers did not reveal.

They also revealed a look into the enhancement that will come with the PS5 version of the game.

Other features detailed for the PS5 release include enhanced physics and native 4K asset handling which means Fall Guys will be hitting 60FPS at 4K on PS5. They have also revealed that they will be experimenting with the DualSense haptics that they will add to the game in a future patch.

It has been 2 years since Fall Guys have been launched and up to this day, it is still one of the most played games and well loved by players. Despite it initially launching with a price tag, a lot of people were keen to play this crazy, wacky and trippy game full of falling, bumping, pushing and hugging.

I am thoroughly excited for this next phase of the game and love that it will finally be part of the games that have been upgraded for the PS5. Fall Guys initially launched as a Playstation Plus free game for players who were subscribed to the program. And yet for those that didn’t subscribe still bought the game, because why not?

The developers are also offering rewards to its ever growing playerbase for having played the game before June 21 which is when the game will start being Free-To-Play. You can see the rewards below:

fall guys ps5

They will also be running a pre-registration campaign where they will be unlocking rewards for the community. To know more about this campaign, head on over to their twitter @FallGuysGame.

Fall Guys is currently available on PS4, and will be available to PS5 on June 21, 2022. See you falling into the game everyone!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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