Final Fantasy XIV Guide: Leveling Tips

Leveling up in an MMORPG can be quite daunting, if not taxing. However, in FFXIV, I personally found that it wasn’t the case. Leveling up is actually a lot faster especially if I were to compare...[Read More]

The Sinking City – Review In Progress

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic entity ‘The Call of Cthulhu’, The Sinking City is an adventure, investigative and open world full of horrors and distorted reality. You get to pla...[Read More]

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order The Dark Side

Every Star Wars Game On PlayStation

It’s the time of year again when we celebrate a very special occasion that gathers everyone for their love of George Lucas’ creation: Star Wars. Commemorated as what we all know as “May the Fourth”, t...[Read More]

Days Gone Deacon

Days Gone Guide: Early Game Tips and Tricks

You thought you can just ride all day long and shoot them Freaks until they don’t come up anymore. Well, it’s a different kind of jungle out there and you need all the help you can get. I’ve provided ...[Read More]

Days Gone – Review in Progress

After announcing Days Gone to the world, it caught everyone’s attention. Every trailer released brought in more hype and who can blame them? Gamers are such experts when eliminating zombies. But not F...[Read More]

Should Sony Consider Another Attempt at PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

Nintendo has shown the world with Super Smash Bros that a cross-over fighting game of its beloved mascots can make for a very successful franchise. Sony tried to replicate that success by shoving out ...[Read More]

The Division 2 – Skill Power and What They Are Used For

So, you’ve been playing The Division 2 for a while now. You know enough of the game that you are familiar with the basics such as control points and enemy activities. Heck, you probably already ...[Read More]

Types of Apex Legends Players You’ll Meet

It has barely been a month and already Apex Legends has swept the whole world. This battle royale game with over 50 million people playing worldwide, this is the perfect game to play with your friends...[Read More]

The Division 2 Guide: Control Points and Surrounding Areas

The Division 2’s control points, territories, and donation system may be one of the more underappreciated aspects of the game. But do not underestimate their value. Understanding how this comple...[Read More]

The Division 2 Guide: Handy Tips and Tricks For Beginners and Advanced Players

The Division 2 is a massive game with many parts that make the whole experience. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some things become lost in the game’s many mechanics. Here are some ...[Read More]

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