3 Biggest Reasons To Get A PS4 This Year

It’s already a stated fact that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has dominated the console market in the past years. Delivering outstanding experiences, innovative story-telling, and engaging worlds, ...[Read More]

The Division 2 Open Beta: First Impressions

For the record, I just want to state that I was one of the people hyped for The Division 1. I bought into the game after all the pretty trailers at E3 and the promise of new and interesting gameplay. ...[Read More]

Anthem Guide: ‘Agent of Chaos’ Ranger Build

Have you been playing Anthem for a while? Since its rocky launch a few weeks back, BioWare’s newest IP is quite fun. You get to customize the Javelin of your choice, upgrade its gears, you name ...[Read More]

God Eater 3 guns

God Eater 3 – The Different Long Ranged Weapons To Use

There are missions in God Eater 3 that will not give you a preview of the next type of Aragami that you will face. This can be a problem if you are dependent with the melee weapons and its elemental s...[Read More]

God Eater 3 camping

God Eater 3 – How To Survive Difficult Situations And Missions

In God Eater 3, preparation is always the best way to survive and defeat enemies with little effort against tough opponents. There are certain missions that will be difficult and at that time you will...[Read More]

God Eater 3 fight

God Eater 3 – Tips On How To Effectively Defeat Aragamis

In every mission of God Eater 3, there one or two major Aragamis to fight and they can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Here are some tips and tricks to try out in order to eff...[Read More]

Anthem Guide – Inscriptions

You’re probably wondering what those symbols and added perks your gears have. If you’ve played a lot of Anthem this past week, then you will probably still tinkering with your Javelin buil...[Read More]

A Deeper Look Into Apex Legend’s Caustic

When you’re ability is to gas people to death, you can expect a lot of jokes on the internet comparing you to a Nazi. More especially so if you are the only white male in your rooster. Such is t...[Read More]

Anthem Guide – Starting Up As A Ranger

Anthem is out for 6 days now and I’ve already maxed out to level 30 and already reached Epic status for my Ranger Javelin. At the time of this writing, I recently finished the mission where I have to ...[Read More]

Our Favorite Legends in ‘Apex Legends’

Apex Legends has become an ever-growing popular battle royale game. Many players have put their hours into Respawn Entertainment’s newest free-to-play shooter. Apex Legends is fun, and really en...[Read More]

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