The Cruel King and The Great Hero Release Date Delayed Until March 2022

cruel king great hero delayed

NIS America today announced that The Cruel King and the Great Hero ‘s release date has been delayed to March 11, 2022 . The game will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in a special physical edition called “Storybook Edition”.

Check out the story trailer for The Cruel King and The Great Hero that is delayed until March:

Once upon a time, a brave hero faced and emerged victorious from his fight with a terrifying dragon called Cruel King. However, instead of giving it the deathblow, he decided to cut off one of its horns, thus declaring: “You will have to atone for your sins!” “. In the days following this event, the hero remained at the dragon’s bedside during his recovery, and they quickly became close friends.
One day, many years later, the hero succumbed to a fatal injury, leaving his only daughter, Yuu, as an orphan. On his deathbed, he asked his good friend to raise his daughter to become a great heroine in her turn.
Since that day, Cruel King watches over Yuu in her many adventures so that she becomes a great heroine. However, these idyllic moments won’t last forever, as the truth about the Cruel King’s past slowly resurfaces, which will lead our duo to face new trials…

Features :

  • Fellow Adventurers: No challenge is too great when you’re accompanied by your mighty protector. Fight monsters and traverse perilous environments.
  • A Living Storybook: With a charming soundtrack, art direction drawn from children’s storybooks, and 2D visuals, this adventure is as fun to play as it is beautiful to watch.
  • Heroic Discoveries: Collect hidden items across the lands you visit, to unlock goodies in the in-game gallery, such as artwork and character portraits.

Contents of the “Storybook Edition” :
-- The game The Cruel King and the Great Hero on PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch  – The artbook “Adventures of the Great Hero” hardcover  – The digital soundtrack “Scores of Bravery  – The 15 cm “Great Hero” plush- A collector’s box

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