Horizon Call of the Mountain Revealed for PS VR2

horizon mountain ps vr2

With the recent announcement of PS VR2 comes the announcement of Horizon Call of the Mountain. A PS VR2 game developed by Guerille and Firesprite Games.

A trailer accompanying this announcement has also been dropped which you can watch below:

Horizon Call of the Mountain, a brand-new experience set in the world of Horizon will be coming to the PS VR2 but it has not been confirmed if this will also be coming to the PS VR. Not much else has been revealed but the trailer video shows a new protagonist as they explore the world of Horizon. The teaser also shows an encounter with the Longleg & Tallneck machine.

With Horizon Forbidden West just about in the horizon (no pun intended), this is a cool new way to experience the world of Horizon for those eager to explore more of the world. Again, little is known of what the gameplay is going to be or whether there will be combat or not in this game. No release date has also been confirmed for the game or whether this will be released alongside the release of PS VR2.

As soon as news drops in we will surely update you with a new article.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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