Elden Ring – Preview

elden ring preview

I was able to get a chance to preview Elden Ring in their Closed Network Test and boy did it exceed my expectations and more. Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s latest project that incorporates the soulslike formula. This time around the game takes you in an open world fantasy adventure.

In Elden Ring, you are the Tarnished, and you are trying to find your way in this world full of enemies as you try to ascend to heaven. At least that’s what I thought it is. You can choose from specific classes at the start of the game and they come with equipment and predetermined stats.

Once you’re done choosing you then get to explore the world. I met some NPC who told me I am beneath any other creature but I’m not really sure what he means. I also encountered these places that has Lost Grace. This is Elden Ring’s version of a bonfire. This is basically where you can rest up to heal, replenish your items and level up.

Leveling up can be done by exchanging them with runes. Runes is Elden Ring’s currency similar to the souls in Dark Souls. You can also use these runes to purchase new weapons and tools. You can also use runes to enhance your weapons and equipment.

So you probably are wondering, “What makes this game different from all the Dark Souls game?” For one, dying here only has one consequence and that is you lose the runes you have collected. Runes can be collected from defeating enemies from the open world. Enemies are still smart here and will definitely get the best of you if you’re not patient enough to study their patterns and behaviors. You don’t lose max HP for dying here which is what usually happens in Dark Souls. So Elden Ring is not as punishing as Dark Souls.

Another thing introduced here is the mount. This definitely helps in traversing the land of Elden Ring. Keep in mind that your horse has HP so if your enemies attack you while you’re on the horse, your horse takes damage too. Once the horse’s HP is depleted he will disappear and this will leave you vulnerable to opponents.

Unlike the Dark Souls game, you can also jump here just like in Sekiro. They also introduce you to a new move which is the jumping attack. This attack strikes a lot of damage on an unsuspecting enemy and can catch them off guard. It’s a good opening attack to your enemies.

I also tried out the co-op mode of the game and there were a few difficulties in using it. I couldn’t get summon anyone but people can easily summon me. As this is a Closed Network Test, it was understandable that bugs can happen so I wouldn’t really say that this is a representation of the multiplayer experience. I do hope that with this Closed Network Test that they would be able to address these issues and fix them when the game goes live.

The boss fights in this game varies from easy ones up to the most challenging ones. I had fought bosses where they can easily be defeated just by constantly attacking them. And then there were boss fights that you’d have to carefully plan your moves as their attacks felt overwhelming.

I can’t wait to try out the full release of the game and I look forward to visiting the world of Elden Ring and experience it at its fullest. Elden Ring is coming out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can now pre-order the game at the PlayStation Store for $59.99.

Chief Editor