Crown Trick – Review

Dying in a dream sucks but it's the only way

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September 7, 2021
Team 17
NExT Studios
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Crown Trick is a turn based roguelite adventure. It’s a game that puts you in this dream world that you have to escape by enlisting the help of a talking crown. Let’s find out together if this is worth getting.

Crown Trick starts you off by your character Elle encountering the Crown that has one eye. He starts talking to you and says that he needs your help to get out of the place. You agreed because you really don’t have a choice. You are then told that you get sent into a dream world and you must find your way through each floor and kill bosses in order to escape.

The mechanics of the game is pretty good. It is a turn-based action oriented combat. The enemies don’t move unless you move. You can use weapons and skills to attack and defeat your enemies. Every movement counts in this game because it could mean life and death for your character.

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Everytime you jump into the Dream World, you are taken to a random floor. Each time you climb up the floors, you unlock them and could mean that it will be your first floor in your next adventure. Floors are randomly generated and the rooms in it as well. There are several types of rooms including the normal encounter room, the challenge rooms, the treasure rooms and other special rooms.

There are also several types of treasure room as well. There are normal ones, locked ones that can only be opened by a dream key, and a cursed treasure chest that will give you a negative effect if you open the chest.

Each room will also have elemental tiles. These elemental tiles can affect both Elle and her enemies. So it would be good if you can use them to your advantage.

I would say one of my favorite special rooms is the dilemma rooms. These rooms presents you with a situation where you’d have to choose from several options. There really is no right or wrong answers to the questions but the consequences of each choice can either be deadly or not.

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Another special room that you might encounter are the mini-boss rooms. Defeating the mini-bosses unlocks a new familiar that you can summon to aid you in your adventures. Familiars have two unique skills that you can unleash on your enemies or aid you to defeat your enemies.

Each floor will also have the Big Boss rooms. This is usually the final room of the floor where you would need to defeat the Big Boss so you can go to the next floor. Defeating the Big Boss nets you gold and relics and a newly unlocked weapon.

Relics are equippable items that provide you with a unique buff. This can either be bad or good but the good thing is you can find out what the relic’s effect is before you can equip it. Weapons also come in all sorts of type. Each weapon type also has their unique attack pattern. Axes lets you attach enemies surrounding you while swords only attack the 3 enemies infront of you. Spears lets you attack a line infront of you while guns have different ranges.

Pistols lets you attack a target 2 tiles away while snipers can go as far as 5 tiles. Using guns also comes with bullet management. Some guns only have 3 bullets while other can have four. Your gun will also need to be reloaded once the bullets are used up and this will take one action to do so.

Basically everything you do here takes an action. The controls can seem to be none responsive at times. I would often find myself trying to pick up an item only to find you haven’t. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but when a button is not working properly then I say it’s a bug.

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Another issue I had was that I find myself often moving to a tile facing a specific direction but for some reason Elle would be facing the direction she was going to. This can be problematic especially when you get surrounded by enemies.

Dying during your adventures will take you back to this “Sanctuary” room where you can upgrade stats, items or passive buffs permanently. In order to unlock the upgrades though, you must first rescue the corresponding person on the floors.

The art and animation of Crown Trick is pretty good. The colors are very vivid and it feels more like an animation show rather than a game. The sound track is really cool and provides just the right atmosphere to make you want to venture into the Dream World.

Overall, I would say that Crown Trick is a fun and enjoyable game with gameplay mechanics that keeps the game entertaining and unpredictable. I would recommend this to those gamers who want to take a break from playing their other roguelite games.

Crown Trick – Review
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It’s a fun game that has its few kinks that can easily be ignored.
Interesting and fun gameplay mechanics
Beautiful art design
Each encounter is not boring
Buggy controls
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