The Division 2 – Review

Though not completely flawless launch, The Division 2 is an amazing game. It’s shown us the proper way to launch an online game. And it sure as hell didn’t need to have a long road map just to recover...[Read More]

8 Great
Super Robot Wars T Gao Gai Gar

Super Robot Wars T – Review in Progress

Fighting against terrible monsters, aliens, and human villains is a staple for the Super Robot Wars franchise, and this is true for this one: Super Robot Wars T. This time around it is the story of a ...[Read More]

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Review in Progress

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest offering from FromSoftware, the developer for the Dark Souls Series and Bloodborne. It is such a much-awaited game for those craving for more of the unrelentles...[Read More]

One Piece: World Seeker – Review

The thought of a popular anime like One Piece getting a game piqued my interest. I was ready to explore the vast world of an open sea pirate’s life with wild goose chases here and there and an a...[Read More]

5.5 Average

Left Alive – Review

I can’t tell if Left Alive is trying to be a stealth game, a third-person shooter, or a survival game, but all I know is that it fails on all three accounts. Judging from promotional material, you’d t...[Read More]

4 Subpar

The Occupation – Review

What could have been an important and essential game in the current political climate became lost due to a shower of bugs. The Occupation was meant to be a bold statement, an educational and eye-openi...[Read More]

4 Subpar

Song of Memories – Review

Over the years, games have always been about satisfying the audience’s imagination through astonishing graphics or realistic gameplay. As they develop, the stories become more and more complex, which ...[Read More]

6.5 Okay
Devil May Cry 5 Nero

Devil May Cry 5 – Review

From the get-go, Devil May Cry was a franchise that offered a sort of escapism. Being this badass Devil Hunter that can hack and slash through demons with heavy metal blasting in the background, sound...[Read More]

9.5 Awesome

Trials Rising – Review

Pulling off insane stunts in crazy set pieces can pump that adrenaline. Perfecting each run can definitely be satisfying, and that’s what the Finland game studio, RedLynx, wants you to feel. Whi...[Read More]

7 Good
Attack of the Earthlings title

Attack Of The Earthlings – Review

What if your home planet was invaded by something foreign and killed most of your brethren? What if that foreign object would be… humans? This is the premise of Attack of the Earthlings, which lets yo...[Read More]

5.5 Average

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