5 Games To Watch Out For This September

Gaming can be a costly hobby. Considering that most new games nowadays are $60 a piece, you can quickly find yourself low on funding. Hey, you still have to feed yourself, right? Learning how to save cash is a rare virtue within the gaming community.

So here are the top 5 games this September that will help you become bankrupt!

#5 Code Vein

Players who are familiar with Souls-type games such as Bloodborne or the eponymous Dark Souls might find some interest within Code Vein. You may be tired of hearing the comparison towards Dark Souls for every other game, but if it moves like Dark Souls, controls like Dark Souls, and feels like Dark Souls then it’s a Souls inspired game.

What makes Code Vein stand out from its brothers, however, is in its art style. Instead of the photorealism, you’d find in games like Sekiro or Nioh, Code Vein opts for a more anime-styled experience. Which isn’t surprising considering this is Bandai Namco we’re talking about.

With an extensive character customization and a deep progressive class system in the form of blood codes and gifts, Code Vein is making a name for itself amongst the sea of Dark Souls inspired games.

Coming out this September 27th get ready to smash your controller to the ground in frustration as you once again fight against impossible nigh odds.

#4 Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Expansion

Not really a new game as much as it is an expansion. But if you’ve already played Monster Hunter World, then you definitely want to get Iceborn for yourself.

With a new location, new animations, new monsters, and new armors to try our (or on) Iceborne is an exciting installment for those wishing to extend the longevity of Monster Hunter World for another couple hundred hours.

#3 Catherine Full Body

If you’re a fan of RPGs then you must have heard of Atlus. Famous for the Shin Megami Tensei and the Persona series, you know you’re in for a treat when Atlus takes the helm of a game.

Although, it’s difficult to call Catherine Full Body an RPG since it lacks many of the basic elements required for a role-playing game. Instead, Catherine Full Body is a platform/puzzle game about a man named Vincent facing the temptation of cheating on his full-time girlfriend.

If you’ve already played–or at least know of–the original Catherine game, then Catherine Full Body is a re-release of that game. Much like the upcoming Persona 5 Royal, Catherine Full Body adds a new character, new sidequests, new fanservice, and new endings.

In other words, Catherine is back better than ever. Do you think they’d release a game twice if it wasn’t that good? Check it out at least… it’s already been released after all.

#2 Greedfall

Ever since Bioware came up with the disaster that is Andromeda and the mess that was Anthem, people have been looking for the next masterpiece storytelling title that isn’t from CD Projekt Red.

May I introduce you to Greedfall…if you haven’t met already.

Surprisingly, Greedfall hasn’t been quite advertised strongly. I only found out about it quite recently, but it’s captured my eye ever since. Even wanted a hybrid between Dragon Age and The Witcher 3? Greedfall clearly takes inspiration from the unforgettable classics.

With gameplay that is surprisingly smooth, Greedfall can either be played like a hack-and-slash game or a real-time strategy. Either way, this game is RPG to the core. Make up your own character, build up their skills, and construct the foundations of their relationships in this interesting upcoming title this September 10th.

#1 Borderlands 3

With over a billion guns, Borderlands is best known for being a looter shooter that is just filled with gun fanservice. And apparently enough, that number isn’t an exaggeration as stated by the developers themselves.

For the first time, players will be able to leave Pandora to visit other worlds Borderlands has to offer. With new characters, new abilities, and delicious new villains to kill with, Borderlands 3 is already promising to be a hit sensation with the fans.

Borderlands 3 will be releasing this September 13th for PlayStation owners. Unfortunately for PC users, they’re going to have to wait a year unless they want to download the Epic Games Store which many consider controversial.