Ys IX: Monstrum Nox New Details On Unique Attack Skills

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Game developer Nihon Falcom recently updated the official website of upcoming video game Ys Ix: Monstrum Nox focusing on unique attack skills.

Ys IX new details on attack skills

The official website was recently updated and it included new information about the different unique attack skills that the characters have.

Check out the details below:

By using up a certain amount of SP (Skill Points), each character can unleash a unique “Attack Skill.” In addition to SP recovery by landing standard attacks on enemies, SP also automatically recovers quickly on its own when not attacking, so you can unleash flashy skills one after the other without worrying about running out of SP.

Wild Scratch (White Cat-exclusive skill)

A skill attack in which White Cat unleashes a big, two-hit scratch attack after diving at the enemy from a distance. Since the skill can be unleashed quickly and comboed directly from a standard attack, you can add up such combos in battles against numerous powerful enemies to pile on the damage.

Carnage Lancer (Hawk-exclusive skill)

A skill attack in which Hawk lunges into the enemy and fires off a laser-like stab. Although a one-hit attack, its range is considerably long, so by comboing this skill attack in battles against strong enemies, you can fight while remaining at a distance.

Gensou Ranbu (Doll-exclusive skill)

A three-stage attack that starts with series of consecutive stabs that utilize the qualities of Doll’s flexible sweep sword, followed by a wide-ranging spinning slash, and ending with a forward explosion. Since the attack has a large number of hits and covers a wide range, it is useful in both boss battles and in battles against groups of enemies.

Stampede (Raging Bull-exclusive skill)

A skill attack in which Raging Bull charges with all her might to generate a shockwave and strike the enemy in front of her. Although its movement range is short, its power is high, and it can even blow back and inflict smaller enemies with the “down” status ailment when the hit lands.

Dark Inferno (Renegade-exclusive skill)

A skill attack in which Renegade generates a dark sphere in front of him, which pull in nearby enemies while consecutively dealing damage. Since Renegade can also move around while the sphere is in effect, he can take cover in a safety zone while enemies are being pulled into the sphere, or inflict additional damage on the immobile enemies.