World End Syndrome Coming To Europe With Physical Version

World End Syndrome Day One Edition

Game publisher PQube recently announced that upcoming video game World End Syndrome will come to Europe soon.

World End Syndrome Europe versions

The European edition of the game will have physical and digital versions available for purchase. The physical Day One Edition will include a special box and an exclusive art book. The digital version will be available on the PlayStation Store.

The North American version will only have a digital copy. Game publisher Arc System Works only announced that the game will have a spring 2019 release window.

Check out the overview of the game below:


World End Syndrome is a romantic adventure game created from a collaboration between Arc System Works and Toybox.

Character designs are by Yuki Kato, known for their work as an artist and designer for the BlazBlue series. Other known creators on the project include Tomio Kanazawa for the scenario and Takashi Nitta for music.

The game takes place in a coastal town known as “Mihate Town.” The game follows a protagonist as he get transferred to “Mihate High School” in town and begins his new life, where he meets the heroines: Maimi Kusunose, a cheerful girl, and Miu Amana, a quiet girl.

How you interact with the girls through unforgettable summer experiences and incidents that happen in the peaceful town will drastically change the ending.


“I wish this world would end…”

The protagonist, who is slightly troubled, moves from a big city to a seaside town called “Mihate” because of an incident. He moves into his uncle’s mansion and starts a new life in the town.

With new friends he meets at “Mihate High School,” he goes through unforgettable summer experiences and strange incidents.

Depending on how he spends the summer with them, the protagonist’s “world” will significantly change…

Key Features

  • Romance – Five gorgeous girls are with you on this mysterious adventure. Carefully pick your favorite but be aware: every girl has their own romantic ending!
  • Mystery – After a high school girl goes missing, her body is found in the river. Resolve inexplicable incidents around town and collect clues to find out what happened!
  • Aesthetic – Beautiful characters, pretty outfits and highly detailed scenery makes the game a treat for the eyes.
  • Exploration – Freely explore the picturesque seaside town during morning, afternoon or evening to meet different characters and enjoy diverging moods.

The game will be available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Rice Digital