Twin Mirror By DONTNOD Developer Diary Reveals Story And Setting

Twin Mirror Protagonist

Game developer DONTNOD Entertainment recently revealed a new developer diary video for its upcoming episodic video game Twin Mirror.

Twin Mirror video contents

The new video starts with lead writer Matthew Ritter who discussed some backstories of the game. The new video features the story of an investigative reporter named Samuel Higgs. He is returning to his hometown due to the news of the death of his good friend. When he visits a bar in town, some of the local patrons actually recognize him. One of them even threatened to slash his tires so that he would not leave town. This meant that the townspeople are actually hostile towards him.

Location details

Art director Pierre-Entienne Travers then discussed about the town’s location. Players will be sent to Basswood, which is actually a small town in West Virginia. Historically, Basswood was an industrial town since it was inside the Rust Belt. Since then, the industry has vanished and left a lot of people unemployed.

Due to those factors, players will feel that they are in a thriller movie because of the people living in town that are struggling with their economic challenges. They are also attached to their culture and origins.

Narrative producer Helene Henry described the game as a noir film. It tells the story of the protagonist who is helpless and at the mercy of a bad situation.

The game will be launched in 2019. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the developer diary video here: