The Quiet Man By Square Enix Gets New Trailer With Release Date

The Quiet Man limited edition

Game publisher Square Enix recently revealed a new trailer of upcoming cinematic action-adventure video game The Quiet Man. It featured the released date and more.

The Quiet Man new trailer contents

The new trailer features some scenes from the story and its cinematic gameplay. It still featured a scene that was showcased a few months ago in an event. One of the new story scenes featured was somewhat the romantic interest of the main character, who plays the piano. It also features the main villain who wears a creepy bird mask and a hood.

Square Enix confirmed that the release date of the game will be on Nov. 1 and it will be launched all over the world. The game will also get limited-time editions, which includes a theme and avatars on PlayStation 4.

The game will be available on PS4.

Check out the trailer below: