The Division 2’s First Post Game Content Set to Release This April 5th, 2019

The Division 2’s developers recently announced that the game’s first Post game expansion content, titled Tidal Basin, is set to release on April 5th. Tidal Basin is a stronghold mission that can be first experienced on World Tier 4. Completing this mission unlocks World Tier 5, which also is included in the patch. The development team wanted players to experience all that the game had to offer before throwing them into one of the most challenging missions yet.

According to promotional images, Tidal Basin is is set in one of D.C.’s military dry docks. One of the developers even compared it to “Shadow Moses” of Metal Gear Solid fame. One of the key ideas behind the map lies in the question, “How would the Black Tusk, with all their technological superiority, defend this position?”

Tier 5 is coming

For the first time ever, players can replay strongholds for extra loot. For the most hard core agents out there, the update will introduce a harder version of the Heroic difficult mode. It is confirmed that playing the new Heroic difficultly will not receive any locked content. They will only get better versions of the gear that most other players can go get in other invaded missions. According to the developers, the servers will reset once a week. So, players can keep grinding for all that previous gear score.

World Tier 5 will introduce a new gear score of 500, as well as the game’s first three gear sets. These set are the True Patriot, Ongoing Directive, and Hard Wired. Supposedly, these sets can be found on Black Tusk operatives. At the time of the announcement, members of the admit that the names of these sets were, in fact, leaked to the public.

A new set of balance changes is also set to hit the live game short after the update. Though details of the actual changes are not yet set in stone, it is believed that that involves many of the visual bugs seen in the game. This is also in line with the latest server patch that sees changes to the local client side. This is on top of the regular server side changes.

Tidal Basin and the addition of World Tier 5 is only the beginning of The Division 2’s Year 1 Free Content. 3 episodes are still in development at the moment. According to the schedule released by Ubisoft, the first one is set to release this Summer. With the other 2 releasing this Fall and Winter, respectively.