The Division 2 Gets Hint Of Single-Player Spin-Off By Creative Director

Distress call...

The Division 2 creative director Julian Gerighty recently inquired the gamers if they would want a single-player spin-off.

The Division 2 spin-off to become reality or not?

The inquiry was actually asked first by TT Games designer Tim Spencer. He suggested at that time that it would be a good idea to have a new game focusing on a single SHD agent. This would tell his story of coming home to their family following the SHD blackout in New York. This would have been somewhat like a Last of Us-style gameplay set in the main game’s universe.

Spencer said:

None of the stories have explored what a Division agent sacrifices, and what they go through mentally. When you think about it: it’s a pretty dark/epic thing – there’s huge opportunity to tell some incredible stories there.

In response, the creative director Julian Gerighty retweeted the post on his own account. He asked the thoughts of the public if they would be interested in such an endeavour. Most of them are actually interested if it happened. Julian liked the idea, but he is not sure if it would become a reality in the near future.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.