Tales Of Arise Reveals New TGS 2019 Trailer Teasing New Character

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment recently announced a new trailer for upcoming JRPG Tales of Arise from the Tales series.

Tales of Arise gets new trailer

The new short trailer was showcased during the Tales of Arise Special Stage event at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 event. It featured the previously revealed characters Alphen and Shionne in action with their powers and abilities. At the last segment of the trailer, it teased a new character coming towards them. She or he had a large hood with a small creature accompanying the mysterious character. In the end that person fainted and the creature was seemingly worried at his or her condition.

Here are some new details about the game revealed at the special stage event:

Astral Force is what the energy is called in this game. It is inside of all life and things that exist in its reality.

The people from Rena can use Astral Artes. These are magic abilities that use the Astral Force. A common sign that reveals that person uses this ability is their shining eyes.

Alphen uses the Fire Sword in this game, which is a power manifested by Astral Force. This cannot be used by any other character because it will burn the wielder. Alphen can use it because he does not feel pain.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will be released next year.

Here’s the trailer with English subtitles: