Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Gets Free Updates Soon

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment recently announced that anime based video game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will get two free updates soon.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet two upcoming updates

The upcoming two updates for the action RPG will be coming this Spring and Summer. These updates will introduce new content for the game, changes to the game, and a new dungeon.

The upcoming Spring update will introduce several new content, which are:

  • Quest Level 300 “Super High Difficulty Co-Op Dungeon”
  • Klein Gun Gale Online costume
  • Lisbeth Gun Gale Online costume
  • Silica Gun Gale Online costume
  • New original hat
  • Four new weapons
  • Kagemitsu G9 Type-Z
  • Pandemonium Type-Z
  • Long Stroke Type-Z
  • Deneb Kaitos Type-Z

It is still unknown what will be the content for the Summer update. The full game is now available on PlayStation 4.