Super Robot Wars T Launches In English Next Year

Super Robot Wars T Gao Gai Gar

Game publisher Bandai Namco Southeast Asia recently announced that upcoming Southeast Asia version of Super Robot Wars T will be launching in English translation next year.

Super Robot Wars T in English

Bandai Namco Southeast Asia just confirmed that the upcoming video game sequel will have an English translation just like the recently previous titles. The best part is that it will launch simultaneously with the Japanese version, which will be on March 20.

Unfortunately, the Premium Anime Song and Sound Edition will only be exclusive to the Japanese version of the game. It will contain many songs from the series included in the upcoming title. Some of the songs included are already in the base game, but they will be in different versions.

The Edit BGM function will be available on PlayStation 4 only. Players will be able to use any MP3 file on their console as BGM for their personal use. The first print bonuses will include an early unlock of the Gespenst mech.

Check out the trailer below: