Star Wars Battlefront II Will Get Count Dooku This Month

Star Wars Battlefront II Clone Wars

Game developer DICE and publisher EA has recently announced that a new character will be coming to online multiplayer Star Wars Battlefront II.

Star Wars Battlefront II acquires new character

The new character to join the hero roster is none other than the great Count Dooku. He will be purchasable in-game. He will also have a skin variant called the Dark Ritual, but there are still no specific details about that. There are also other new contents included like the new Coruscant Guard variant of the Clone Trooper. This will be part of the Darth Tyranus update, which will launch on Jan. 23.

DICE also announced all of its plans for the game in this month. For the next three weekends, it will have Triple XP sessions associated with specific game modes. The first of the three events will start this coming Jan. 4 and will be about the Heroes vs. Villains game modes. The next ones will be on Troopers starting on Jan. 11 and the last will be focused on the Starfighters on Jan. 18.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.