Spider-Man Confirmed To Have New Game Plus Mode

Game developer Insomniac Games recently revealed that recently released video game Marvel’s Spider-Man will have a new feature in the near future.

Spider-Man to have popular feature soon

Insomniac Games recently responded to a fan’s question on social media recently. The fan asked if there was the possibility of a New Game Plus option in the future, and the developers responded in kind. They are currently working on it and polishing it up, which means there are some issues right now but hopefully they fix that. This most certainly confirms the popular feature will be implemented in the near future.

Pride flags in the game

In other related news, the LGBTQ gaming community recently noticed some pride flag easter eggs all over the game’s New York City. Several gamers have posted their screenshots on social media stating that they are proud that this game is LGBTQ-friendly. There is no clear number on how many pride flags are out there, but there are some players that are searching for all of them now. Art director Jacinda Chew stated that she was glad that they are noticing the detail.

The game is currently available on PlayStation 4.