SoulCalibur VI Introduces Returning Character Cervantes

SoulCalibur VI Cervantes

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment officially announced a returning playable character in the upcoming action fighting video game SoulCalibur VI.

SoulCalibur VI welcomes returning beloved pirate

After this character was leaked before it was officially announced, Bandai Namco Entertainment had no choice but to reveal it. The next character to join the ranks of the upcoming sequel is the great pirate Cervantes de Leon, who has his ghostly appearance again. He has the longsword Acheron and the gunblade Nirvana on both hands.

The reason Cervantes came back was actually by the resurrection spell by Soul Edge. He now hungers for more souls and got stronger than before. His ultimate goal is to manage to wield the Soul Edge once more.

Modes revealed

Aside from the revelation of Cervantes, another trailer was revealed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It focuses on all of the modes that are included in the game.

The battle modes will include arcade, versus, and training. The story mode will include the classic Soul Chronicle and the Libra of Souls. This allows players to play their epic tale with their own customized characters. Character customization was also featured. There are also online features like Ranked Match, Casual Match, Rankings, and Replay. Lastly was the Museum feature that showcased a lot of artwork and more.

Check out the trailer about modes here: