Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Unlock Other Survivor Modes

Honestly seems out of place all things considered.

Are you finished with Leon and Claire’s story? Well, you might be surprised to hear that Resident Evil 2 not only offers 2 perspectives, but four. If you’re familiar with the original 1998 game, then you’d remember the extra modes such as The 4th Survivor and the really weird Tofu Survivor. And it turns out that Capcom stayed very faithful to the original and also included them in the remake.

Mr Death returns

Unlocking them isn’t all too hard. Unlike other unlockables, you simply have to finish either Leon or Claire’s Scenario B (you unlock it by finishing Scenario A). However, this only unlocks The 4th Survivor which stars Umbrella operative codenamed Hunk. This mode isn’t really a campaign as much as it is a rush mode that pits you against the worst and most dangerous enemies of the game. You star as the mysterious Hunk who is a bit of a legend around the Resident Evil community.

Honestly seems out of place all things considered.

After you complete the The 4th Survivor you’ll unlock a parody version of it that was also from the original. The Tofu Survivor is oddly out of place for this survival horror. But it pits you against the same scenario up above. Only as this gigantic tofu that zombies seem to be hungry for. Good to know zombies have other diets in mind that human brains. This mode is noticeably more difficult than the one up above as Tofu doesn’t have as many weapons at his(?) disposal.

While these new modes aren’t exactly a new campaign. They are definitely worth unlocking as they extend play time. New survivors are even going to be updated to the game this February 15th for free!