Red Dead Redemption 2 To Release Early At Target

Red Dead Redemption 2 the gang

Online retail shop Target recently listed upcoming open world video game Red Dead Redemption 2 for early release with their latest ad.

Red Dead Redemption 2 early release details

The latest weekly ad of the online retail shop offered customers the chance to get their copy of the open-world this Thursday at 9 pm. They can choose two options: the standard or the deluxe edition on that evening. The special 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle will be available on Friday, Oct. 26. That is the official release date of the game.

For the special PS4 Pro will include only the standard edition of the game. All three purchase choices at Target will come with a free pin set that features Rockstar Game’s popular logo and the title of the game in their unique font.

For those who are interested with the PS4 Pro Bundle, the price tag is $399.99.

Game gets fan-made trailer

In other related news, the upcoming video game gets a fan-made trailer made by YouTuber Whiskey Dragon. It showcases some of the game’s recently shown scenes and gameplay clips arranged in a unique short video. It also shows a lot of explosions that made it feel like a Michael Bay type of footage.

Check out the fan-made trailer below:

Source: Official Website