Red Dead Online Beta Next Week Update To Introduce New Stuff

Red Dead Online players

Game company Rockstar Games recently revealed the upcoming content that will be introduced next week for popular online multiplayer mode Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online Beta new update

This will be the first title update for the online beta mode for Red Dead Redemption 2 and it will launch next week on Tuesday, Feb. 26. It will include the new Free Roam events, Showdown modes, Races, Weapons, Clothing, and Emotes. Aside from the new content, it will also have some improvements and balances for weapon balancing, mini-map issues, and a new Law and Bounty system,

New event

The Fool’s Gold Free Roam event will enable players to compete in order to wear the Golden Armor that protects them, but also makes them a high valued target. They can earn points by getting kills while wearing the suit or fight others to obtain it.

New fishing challenges

There will be new fishing challenges and will equip the players with the necessary gear to take part in them depending on the location. There will be a new rule too: players are unable to shoot players while they fish. The heaviest fish to be caught by a player will win.

New mode

There are three new Showdown modes to try out like the Up in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder. Players will compete to capture and deliver bags, steal loot from each other, and survive with these modes. The races now have Target Races where they shoot targets while on horseback and have to pass checkpoints along a track.

New weapons

The Evans Repeater rifle and the Rare Shotgun will be added as well. This is a high grade, high capacity repeater and the shotgun is a variation of the double-barreled longarm.

New Clothes

There will be new clothes to peruse with the new update. There will be new types of items to choose from and among them is the snake adorned Diamondback Hat and the fur trimmed Rutledge Vest.

The full game is already available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Official Website