Quantic Dream Teasing New Announcement Of Great News Soon

Game developer Quantic Dream recently made an announcement to thank the fans for their support of their popular video game. They also teased about something that will be revealed real soon.

Quantic Dream might be working on something new

Due to the massive success of popular video game Detroit: Become Human selling more than 2 million copies since its launch on May 25, 2018, the game developer thanked the fans on Twitter recently. It also seems that they are just getting started with the plans on further success this coming 2019.

Aside from thanking the fans recently, they also made some kind of a tease. They are saying that they might be sharing some great news with every very soon. They are now asking them to stay tuned for further developments.

Some say that it could be a new DLC content for Detroit: Become Human. Others say that it could be a new title.

Source: Twitter