Prison Architect Escape Mode DLC Finally Coming To PS4

Prison Architect the plan

Double Eleven game designer Tom Pedalino took to PlayStation Blog to talk about the upcoming Escape Mode DLC of video game Prison Architect.

Prison Architect DLC explained

The prison-building simulator on the PlayStation 4 will finally get the Escape Mode. This will allow players to take on the role of an inmate as they try to escape a prison. They will need to form a crew, bribe guards, and develop their skills so that they can execute the perfect escape plan. They can also escape their own prison or try out the other prisons made by other players in the community from the World of Wardens.

Needed to be more than PC copy

Pedalino stated that there was a lot of expectation from the fans that the mode will be a direct copy of the PC version, but they wanted it to be more than that. They knew that the mode had the potential to be a deeper, more rewarding experience for the players. This is where they created a new system where players will have to feed their characters with food, make them clean up, wear clothes, and more. If the Needs levels are low, it will have negative effects on the prisoners like reduced attack damage, or an increase of awareness from the guards.

Jobs and skills

Players can tackle on a lot of jobs now with the new DLC. Although these jobs might drain the Needs levels faster, it will reward them with a lot of cash and experience. This can actually help the prisoners’ lifestyle.

Pedalino revealed that they created the Skill system, which allows players to take the experience earned from jobs and put them into skills. There are different kinds of skills like Swimming, Sabotage, Lockpicking, and more.

Crime boss missions

Aside from the Skill system of Prison Architect, the developers added the Crime Boss option that gives the players a mission. These missions include assassination of other inmates, causing distractions, or delivering contraband. This could have more risk, but the pay is quite big. These missions could either kill or lock up their characters, but the succeeding them will earn a lot of experience and cash.

27 new Snapshots were also added in the game. They can be found by exploring prisons, getting six different endings, and the 13 new trophies.

The game and the new Escape Mode DLC are now available on the PS4.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog