Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Reveals New Gameplay Trailer

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

Game developer nWay, and publishers Lionsgate and Hasbro recently revealed a brand new gameplay trailer for upcoming action fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid trailer features Zords and more characters

The new gameplay trailer features new characters, and the Zords’ with the use of its Megazord Ultras. Aside from the previously confirmed characters (Jason, Tommy, Lord Drakkon, and Gia), there are more characters included this time around like the Magna Defender, Mastodon Sentry, Goldar, Ranger Slayer, and Kat.

This new trailer actually showed the gameplay with much more fluidity compared to the previous trailers. This time around the game is not afraid to show juggle combos and the assist takeover mechanics, which makes it more interesting instead. Several YouTubers have expressed their interest for this game now due to this improvement.

Zords mechanic

The new mechanic is the Megazord Ultra, which allows players to gain some extra help from this giant mechanoids. They attack or stun the opponents, which gives them the advantage. There is no full-on zord on zord fight in this trailer, but the new mechanic is awesome.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It will launch this coming Spring 2019.

Check out the gameplay trailer below: