PlayStation Classic Using Open-Source PCSX Emulator

PlayStation Classic Comparison

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Sources confirm that Sony has not actually developed its own PlayStation 1 emulator for the upcoming PlayStation Classic mini console (which will be launched on Dec. 3). Instead, the company has been using the open source PCSX emulator. Oh boy.

PlayStation Classic use of emulator details

Video game archivist Frank Cifaldi turned to Twitter to confirm that the mini console that Sony created for nostalgia actually uses the open source emulator PCSX. He did say that this is not in any way a bad thing for the fans, it is actually an acknowledgement that an amateur emulator can do better than the official version. He is saying that Sony acknowledges the emulator developers’ work.

Cifaldi stated that the PCSX group did not get paid for their work, but Sony did adhere to the license requirements. He said that they provided the source code on their website. This must mean that the PCSX group gave permission for the big guys at Sony to use their code. This is already a big step for the emulator developers and the big gaming companies in respecting each other’s work and be recognized by the public.

Proving to be better

This revelation actually shows that emulators are now essential even for the big companies like Sony. This will prove that even their work can be used in order to sell custom consoles that will be appreciated by the new generation. It also proves that emulators are not only being used by pirates.

Failed to win a case

In an ironic twist of fate, it was 19 years ago that Sony did try to sue a PlayStation emulator called Bleem. Since they failed, they just bought the emulator and shut it down on their own. Now, they are using open source emulators for their own custom consoles. That is an improvement, I guess.

Source: DSOGaming