PlayStation Classic Emulator Settings Accessed By YouTubers

PlayStation Classic console

Two YouTubers have revealed that they have accessed the emulator settings of the recently launched classic console remake PlayStation Classic.

PlayStation Classic emulator settings access trick

The method of accessing the emulator settings of the console is actually simple: the YouTubers revealed that they plugged in a keyboard, got into a game, and then pressed the ESC key. This actually brought up the settings right away and allowed them to go through hidden settings, and check out and change the performance and scan lines. The options are actually familiar to those who have already played with the PCSX emulator: Change DC Image, PCSX Menu, and Exit.

Checking out the PCSX option reveals these items:

  • Resume game
  • Save state
  • Load state
  • Reset game
  • Load CD image
  • Options
  • Controls
  • Cheats,
  • Extra stuff
  • Credits
  • Exit

Again, another familiar list of options for those who played with the emulator. The YouTubers then went for the Frameskip settings. There were others options too like FPS viewing, choose a region, BIOS/Plugins/ and Advanced options.

The YouTubers did warn the viewers to not attempt to make changes if they will not risk breaking the mini console. The changes could actually brick or corrupt the console if they made some big ones. They also revealed that Logitec and Corsair keyboards would work, but the viewers confirmed that others brands would not do.

The console is now available for purchase.

Check out the process here: