Persona 5 Royal to Launch Next Year In The West With First Trailer

Persona 5 Royal

Game publisher Atlus recently announced that the enhanced version Persona 5 Royal will be coming to the latest Sony console soon.

Persona 5 Royal coming to the West

The Royal version of Persona 5 will be coming to western countries at a later date, which is still not a specific date but a year, 2020. The Japanese version will launch on Oct. 31 this year. It will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

The new version will have new enhancements and additional elements. The student life of the main protagonist will be enhanced further with the previously untold third school semester. There will be a new character introduced as well with a new strong enemy to match.

New character, confidant

The newest character to join the Phantom Thieves is finally named: Kasumi Yoshizawa and she will be voiced by Sora Amamiya. She is a new transfer student of Shujin Academy and the same year of the MC. She has some great achievements like a rhythmic gymnast since middle school. She admires the hero, but she does not like the Phantom Thieves.

A new confidant will be included as well. He is Takuto Maruki, and he is a part-time school counselor hired at the concern of the students after a case of a certain teacher happened in April. He has good listening skills and detailed advice, and he is very popular among the students. His arcana is Le Consultant.

The untold third semester

Players will get to play the third school semester that was left untold in the original version. There will be some interesting new characters introduced as well, and some quite familiar like the blue-eyed guy. There will be some new city areas, a Darts Live collaboration, and more.

New features

For battles, there will be some new strategies introduced since there will be some new enemies to fight. Something strange happens in the jail cell as well, and a mysterious treasure appears in the palace.

There are also new features included like the Status Assist, which introduces various school life suggestions. New songs will be added too. The graphics will be further improved with the PlayStation 4 Pro support.

Check out the trailers below:

Official English website here.