No Mans Sky Gets New Titled Update Called The Abyss

No Mans Sky group

Game developer Hello Games recently announced that a new titled update of No Mans Sky will be coming soon featuring more new content.

No Mans Sky The Abyss update revealed

Hello Games stated on their official website that they are thankful for the fans who continued to play their video game despite the old setback. They said that they are overwhelmed by the positive feedback they got with the NEXT update.

After the NEXT updates initial launch, the developers released more new free content, community missions, and improvements every week. Several changes and additions were included like body shape customization, the Pilgrim motorbike, Galactic Atlas, and many more.

Hello Games have listened to the feedback of their updates and implemented improvements right away. To celebrate the positive feedback, they have announced the thing that they are working right now behind the scenes.

Most of the development team members are working on the weekly updates, but there are a few of them that are working on something else. This is a new titled update since the NEXT. This will be a new free update that will be released next week for all players. They have decided to call it The Abyss. The reason behind the title is the focus on some of the eerier elements of the game. This will be the new theme of this season.

The development team did not disclose any other details about the upcoming titled update. We will have to wait for further news from them.

Source: Official Website