NiOh 2 To Get More Information With Koei Tecmo Eagerness

Nioh 2 MC

Game company Koei Tecmo is eager to show off their upcoming video games like sequl NiOh 2 sometime in 2019.

NiOh 2 details in 2019

The Japanese gaming outlet 4Gamer has recently published a collection of comments from game developers talking about what to expect into the New Year. One of the comments revealed upcoming new projects and the information it entails. One of those companies is Koei Tecmo and it might be telling the fans that more information will be expected this year.

According to a certain translation, the game director Fumihiko Yasudo revealed that there might be an update on the title this coming early 2019. He said that the fans should not worry about the lack of news from them because they are currently working hard ever since the reveal announcement. They are also working on other games.

Game producer Hisashi Koinuma and director Hideaki Suzuki revealed that they are now working on a new game that they are hoping to show off this year. There is no confirmation if they are currently working together or on separate projects. CEO Kou Shibusawa hinted that the gaming company is actually intending to use recent AI developments to create a different kind of game compared to the usual ones.