Far Cry Spin-Off Teased By Ubisoft; Might Get Revealed Soon

Far Cry spin-off

Game company Ubisoft recently released a brand new trailer featuring a familiar sight from the Far Cry series.

Far Cry spin-off might be after fifth game

It would seem that the Ubisoft development team will be showing up tomorrow on The Game Awards 2018. They might show the fans a new title of the franchise too.

The new trailer revealed a town getting obliterated by a huge bomb, which could be the location of Montana in the fifth title. Almost the same scene was shown in the fifth title of the series and this could be a new spin-off title focusing on the aftermath of the bomb attack.

After a few more scenes, it is shown that a character is holding a crossbow that uses buzzsaws as a type of ammunition. This could mean that the setting will be a post-apocalyptic version of Far Cry 5.

Check out the trailer below: