Marvel’s Avengers Captain America Has Various Combat Options

Marvel's Avengers

Lead combat designer Vince Napoli recently revealed on social media that Marvel’s Avengers character Captain America will have a lot of combat options to try out.

Marvel’s Avengers super-soldier will have different styles

The gameplay of Captain America will all be about having balance, said Napoli. His combat style will contain ranged, melee, ground, and aerial attacks. He will also have combo systems, intrinsic abilities, and fantastic signature moves. Players who control him will be able to read the battlefield and if needed, choose the right attacks to dispose enemies.

Napoli said that Captain America can start combat with aggressive melee attacks, which allows players to jump straight into action. He can also use precise ranged attacks for crowd control if there are a group of enemies ahead. Skill-based parry and the counter system can be used on stronger opponents.

Eidoes Montreal and Crystal Dynamics have this to share:

Layering in gear/skills/perks/upgrades allow you to customize your heroes and play style. Each Hero has their own set of unique moves/combos to unlock and master. Depending on your build, you can tap into a Hero-specific combo system and string together unique and more powerful moves.

While the goal is for everyone to be able to pick up and play, it’s important to provide enough depth in Marvel’s Avengers’ systems for players who love digging into stats and min-maxing their builds as much as they like combat and story. That is Embracing Your Powers.

The game will launch on May 15, 2020. It will be released on PlayStation 4.