Kingdom Hearts 3 To Get Critical Mode For Higher Difficulty

Kingdom Hearts III Sora

Co-director Tai Yasue recently revealed in an exclusive interview that popular JRPG Kingdom Hearts 3 will get a new difficulty mode called Critical Mode.

Kingdom Hearts 3 gets Critical Mode

Several fans of the fantasy series have finished KH3, but were left unsatisfied by the level of the difficulty. Some even dared stated that it made the game too easy. With this new information, they might get challenged again.

Yasue revealed that their development team is working on something that will make the game interesting again. Critical Mode is in the works right now and he stated that they wanted to do it the right way and not just superficial. They will be adding new abilities for Critical Mode.

The original modes of KH3 allowed players to choose how they wanted to play, which was to cast spells or button-smash their way to victory. In Critical Mode, they will not be able to go into battle that way. They will have to think strategically with this mode like how they are going to approach battles before they start one.

Unfortunately, no information about the release date of Critical Mode was revealed. The full game is now available on PlayStation 4 though.

Source: Gamereactor