Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass Details Revealed Before Launch

Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass

Game publisher Square Enix recently gave some new information about Just Cause 4: Demons, Dare Devils, and Danger expansion pass details before the game launches.

Just Cause 4 expansion pass info

The new expansion pass title actually represents the three parts of DLC that are coming after the game launches. It will be launched throughout 2019, but those who have the Gold Edition will gain access to all three DLC packs seven days early.

Pack 1: Dare Devils

The first pack will be the Dare Devils, which launches in early 2019 with the focus on destructive racing. It will feature Rico participating in different death races and rampage rallies in the underground of Solis.

Pack 2: Demons

The next pack will be the Demons, which is also known as the Los Demonios pack. It will be a story-focused expansion that will feature the protagonist fighting a demonic army invading Solis.

Pack 3: Danger

Pack 3: Danger is also known as the Agency Strikes Back DLC pack. This will feature Rico fighting against new enemies and some new weapons and technology. He will fight The Agency, which is a CIA parody agency.

The game will launch on Dec. 4. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below: