Jurassic World: Evolution Gets new Challenge Mode For More Difficulty

Jurassic World: Evolution park

Game developer Frontier Developments recently revealed that the theme park simulator video game Jurassic World: Evolution will get a new mode.

Jurassic World: Evolution increases difficulty

With the latest free update players will now have a harder time managing their dinosaur park. The people from Frontier Developments have made this new update to make it more challenging for their valued customers and make it more interesting. It will have a lot of new features that will spice things up.

One of the inclusions in this new update is the challenge mode that sees players take on the game’s story with limited finances. This will definitely make it even more interesting for those who love a challenge. For those who just want to enjoy handling the parks easily, please do not try this out until they get the hang of the mechanics.

Another new inclusion in the new update is the toggle feature for resupplying feeders to ensure all dinosaurs are content and healthy. There are also inclusions of new language support for Korean and Italian. There are even new lighting options that can be unlocked.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Official YouTube Channel