Judgment Original Japanese Version Will Not Change Controversial Actor

Judgment Kyohei Hamura

Game company SEGA has just announced that the original Japanese version of video game Judgment will not remove a certain controversial character.

Judgment original version will stay the same

The Japanese version of the game, Judge Eyes: Shinigami no Yuigon was released earlier last year in Japan, but it stopped shipment due to a controversy because of one of its actors: Pierre Taki. A little background about this controversy: Taki was caught and has confessed of using illegal drugs, and it is the culture of Japan to somehow remove the presence of that said person on any material. This time, it was on Judge Eyes. Shipment was stopped, but it will resume again this coming July 18 with a bargained version.

The new version of the game has Hamura Kyohei remodeled this time around. The western version of the game will have this as well. This will only be the change in the game, but for players who got the original version, there will be no character model change via update.

The new Japanese version will contain the new Extra Easy mode, which was added with an update. It also had DLC items for free.

SEGA decided against updating via a patch for the original version to remove Pierre Taki from the game. Yakuza Studio producer Daisuke Sato confirmed it on social media.

The western version will be launched on June 25. It will be an exclusive on PlayStation 4.