Judgment Reveals Combat Trailer Featuring Two Combat Styles

Judgment Yagami

Game publisher SEGA recently released a brand new trailer for action video game Judgment featuring two combat styles.

Judgment new trailer reveals combat

The latest trailer featured two combat styles that main protagonist Yagami uses during his battles in Kamurocho. These combat styles are the Tiger and Crane martial art techniques and each has their own purposes.

The Tiger is used for individual fights to deal focused damage on single enemies. The Crane style is used for massive groups of thugs that would gang up on him. There are also other weapons that can be used.

Check out the overview below:

As a private detective in one of Japan’s rowdiest districts, Yagami occasionally needs to get a little rough in his investigations.

This self-trained martial artist can freely switch between two unique styles—Tiger and Crane—to take down individual punks or massive groups of thugs. He’s also a master of street weaponry, from a humble pair of chopsticks, to the Kamurocho brawler’s weapon of choice, the mighty bicycle. Armed with a massive repertoire of EX Action finishing moves, Yagami might be the most dangerous former lawyer in all of Japan!

The game will launch on PlayStation 4. It was already released in Japan late last year. The Americas and Europe will get it on June 25.

Check out the trailer below: