Iconoclasts Gets Limited Run Physical Release Next Year

Iconoclasts physical release

Game developer Joakim Konjak Sanberg and publisher Bifrost Entertainment recently announced that they are partnering with Limited Run Games to make a physical release of upcoming video game Iconoclasts.

Iconoclasts gets physical release

The announcement revealed that the game will get physical editions of the game for several platforms. This Metroidvania-like 2D platformer will get physical releases on PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

Players will be taking control of a character named Robin, a mechanic who has access to several helpful tools. She can actually use her wrench both ways: a melee weapon and a puzzle-solving tool. She can also use other weapons like stun-guns, roller bombs, and others.

Actually, the PS Vita version is currently free now until January 1 as part of the PlayStation Plus free monthly games. It is also available as a cross-buy with the PS4 version. The physical version will launch on January 18, 2019.