Fortnite Gets Grappling Hook As Newest Item Addition During PAX West

Fortnite grappling hook

Game developer Epic Games recently revealed during a PAX West stream that Fortnite will get a new item addition. This will give some new changes to the game.

Fortnite gets Grappler item

The new item addition is a Grappler that allows players to meticulously zip across the map with ease. Just like the other items like the bounce pads and jetpack, this will allow them to move quickly across the map so that they can be ahead of their opponents as they glide and swing. The only issue with this item is the accuracy because players need to be accurate when hitting the direction they want to go. If they miss, it will cause some pretty interesting situations.

The item itself has not been officially announced yet. A new update will make that happen, which will be update 5.40. It should have released right about now.

Aside from this new item, Epic Games also revealed that solid gold and solid gold 50v50 were added. They also added a DLC Ace pack that gives players 600 V-Bucks, a backpack, and a new outfit.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.