Dusk Gets Console Versions In The Future With New Game Plus Feature

Dusk villains

Game developer New Blood Interactive recently announced that the retro shooter video game Dusk will be coming to consoles soon with new features.

Dusk coming to PS4

Game producer Dave Oshry recently announced that the ‘90s retro shooter will finally grace the PlayStation 4 on its three-year anniversary. He detailed several of the new features and the announcements for the game after he thanked the fans who continued to support them after it was initially released on PC.

Oshry revealed that there will be new features for the game like new language localizations, co-op multiplayer, and the New Game Plus feature. There is also a physical edition called the Big Box Physical Collector’s Edition, which includes a rather interesting item: a bacon-scented soap.

Dusk Soap

The game will launch on PS4.