Dragon Quest Builders 2 Launches Modernist Pack DLC With Update

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Video game Dragon Quest Builders 2 has recently received a new set of DLC and a free update.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 new DLC and update details

The latest DLC is called the Modernist Pack and can now be purchased for the game, unless the players have the season pass. It will include over 70 recipes, which will allow modern-looking structures, hairstyles, and clothing.

More content will be coming later on as what a recently livestream revealed.

Aside from the DLC, a free update will be launched soon. It will feature quality of life improvements and the epilogue storyline. To access it, players need to have finished the game, visited a Buildertopia, unlocked 45 recipes, and completed every Explorer’s Shores island checklist.

The update will also allow manual save files to three, and include three Buildertopias. The last feature will be unlocked during the epilogue.

The update will launch first in Japan on Aug. 20. The worldwide release date is still unknown. The full game is already available on PlayStation 4.