Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Might Get More Characters, Season 2 Plans

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Game company Square Enix reported that it will continue to support popular action fighting video game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and teased it might get new content later on.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT teased to have more characters

In a recent interview with the team behind the video game, game director Takeo Kujiraoka dropped some new information about what fans can expect in the coming months. He stated that:

We will continue to adjust the game balance once a month as we have been doing—as well as rebalancing characters to refresh the initial roster. We also plan to add a new character once every three months, as well as aesthetic skins for around two characters during the other months. We’d also like to bring back characters in the PSP version, but want to add characters that were never in a Dissidia game as well. We are also working on new elaborate skins. 

If the statement above is to be believed, there should be two or three more characters that will be added to the game.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4.