Devil May Cry 5 – How To Put On Nero’s Hood

One thing I like to do while killing demons is looking good doing it. And Nero putting on his hoodie gives him this mysterious vibe. So I often like to put it on as much as I can. It’s not too difficult. But the catch is, the hard part is keeping it on.

The first thing you notice about Nero’s new rags is that he’s wearing a cool jacket this time around. In contrast to his dark blue trench coat that he wore, this one has a hoodie on. Now it’s actually possible to put on that hoodie. You can even kill enemies while having it on. And fortunately, it stays on despite combat being over. The only thing you have to do is taunt while your rank is B or above.

Now this can be the difficult part, as his taunts are random. There is no way to guarantee Nero pulling up his hoodie and posing with it with just a press of a button. So you will most likely have to make multiple attempts.

I was lucky enough to have discovered this while fooling around in combat. But the hoodie doesn’t go back down even if your rank goes below B again. It only demands that you don’t get hit. And that can be a challenge. So far, it is possible to complete a level with your hoodie on provided you don’t take any damage. Unfortunately, there are quite a few scripted events that can cause Nero’s hoodie to fall back down.