Devil May Cry 5 Demo Is Short But Lit

Devil May Cry 5 Nero

During some time ago, I had the chance to be able to play a demo for Devil May Cry 5. As much as I loved it, I couldn’t really focus due to trying it out in a public and noisy place. At the comfort of my own home, I was finally able to enjoy it without the incessant rattling in the background.

To begin, there’s not really much changed from the demo back then. I still played through the same area, the same character, and against the same enemies. There were a few differences though. A customization shop, ran by the character Nico, is now available at the players’ disposal. Now I can see a hint of what I might be able to purchase and customize in the full game. The skills you buy also carries over if you decide to start the demo again. So that does increase replayability despite the demo being short.

Devil May Cry 5 attack
Oh, and they also added a few cutscenes

For people who played Devil May Cry 4, Nero’s moveset is somewhat still the same. If you can remember them, then it’s worth trying out. I think it would give anyone a sense of nostalgia. One of the newest thing about him that everybody is talking about is his arm. It’s no longer that infamous demonic arm that everybody knew him for. Instead, it’s been replaced by a robotic one, called “Devil Breakers,” with new perks that come in demand of the change.

Kind of awesome though. We’re playing as a quarter demon, quarter cyborg, and half human protagonist.

There are a lot of aspects about this game that really make you feel cool. Devil May Cry 5 was definitely designed to have style in mind from top to bottom. The visuals are amazing. The movements are fluid. And the music gives adrenaline rushes like flu shots.

I never really noticed it before but it seems that Devil May Cry 5 is trying something new with the music. It no longer plays like usual when Nero enters combat. Instead, it plays louder and louder based on what rank you get as you hack-and-slash through enemies. I really like this touch as it gives us more of a motivation to keep ranking up.

One negative thing that I can say about the demo is the inability to switch devil breakers. I was fiddling with the controls for a while trying to figure out how to get from Gerbera to Punchline. After looking online for some answers, I found out that I had to break through one to get to the other. Which I thought was a bit disappointing since this would mean if I want the third one on my arsenal, I have to give up the other two.

Devil Breakers still come with some of the familiar mechanics that came with Devil May Cry 4. Such as the ability to use it as a grappling hook. Only this time, it’s much more versatile than before.

After a few tries with the game, I could say that I’m looking forward to reviewing it this March 8. If you haven’t given it a try, it’s free on PS Store should you ever decide to give it a shot.