Death Stranding New Teaser Trailer Further Hypes Fans

Game director Hideo Kojima has once again revealed a brand new teaser trailer for upcoming video game Death Stranding with details on big reveal soon.

Death Stranding newest teaser trailer

The latest teaser trailer that Kojima revealed was another short one with a 30-second long time. This has made gamers and fans hyped once again for the upcoming video game. Check out the teaser below:

The latest trailer is again very mysterious and vague at the same time making fans scratch their heads again. Two transparent hands are shown this time around and features some sort of another cutscene of the game. When they join up, it plays the text Help us Reconnect.

Big reveal tomorrow

Aside from the teaser trailer, an announcement was revealed by Kojima Productions. It seems that there will be a full trailer release tomorrow, May 29. This could be a sign that something big is happening this coming E3 2019 or a release date might be announced.

The game will release on PlayStation 4.