Death Stranding Reason For Players Not Interacting With Each Other

In a recent interview with game creator and director Hideo Kojima, he revealed that there is a reason that upcoming video game Death Stranding will not allow other players to interact with each other.

Death Stranding details on reason

Kojima said in the interview that he wants players to help each other out by leaving usable items behind. Those who help out will be rewarded with the Like system. The reason he does not want them to interact is because he wants to create a special type of connection between players. This was similar to the previous game he developed, Metal Gear Solid V and its base infiltration feature.

The director described the reason with a somewhat interesting statement. “I want to date that girl but not marry her type of connection.” There is some meaning to it, but sometimes Kojima’s statements are often translated out of context and could lead to misunderstandings.

Monsters can be defeated but…

In another part of the interview, Kojima revealed that the monsters that Sam Bridges will encounter in the game called Homo Demens are very difficult to fight off. He cautions them to stay away if possible. However, he said that experienced shooters can defeat them.

Kojima also said that players could customize their bikes and leave them behind for other players to use. That customized bike that they left behind can be found in the game in less than a month.

The full game will launch soon on Nov. 8. It will be available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Famitsu