Days Gone Install Size Officially Revealed To Be More Than 60 GB

Days Gone Deacon

Game developer Sony Bend Studios recently revealed the official install size of upcoming open world zombie post-apocalyptic video game Days Gone.

Days Gone install size revealed

Sony Bend Studios revealed the official install size of the upcoming video game, and it is a hefty 67 GB. This is after they also install the day one patch of the game. For those who plan to purchase the game, players will have to clear up some memory before installing this in their PlayStation 4 systems.

This is one of the most anticipated video games to play this year, and many fans are convinced this will get the Game of the Year award for this year. Guests who tried it out at PAX South were thoroughly impressed and that made the hype more intense for the guys who are trying to get it on day one.

The game will launch exclusively on PS4. It will be available this coming April 26.