Cross-Platform Console Wars

Since cross-play is now available for Fortnite for all the major platforms, one can’t help but wonder if we can finally get a significantly less toxic version of something gamers of our generation love to do, console wars. Many of us just love or indulge in fanning flames against people who stick to only one platform because they believe that they are on the best platform ever and doesn’t need anything else. However, since we already have full crossplay with Fortnite, why don’t we make it a much more healthy and friendly kind of console war, instead of commenting why the other platform sucks and why yours is clearly the superior one, we can now put all the talk to the test by taking it out for the walk.

Now we can challenge PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC users to a friendly or even toxic game of Fortnite, where we can show to others how skillful we are with our given platform. We can feel the terror of the deadly, fast aims of the PC users, determine whether or not the Switch user is using joycons or a pro controller, and many more. In fact, I honestly want the developers to create a feature where we can see what kind platform the character is on so that we can really start ganging up with our fellow platform users or creating a diverse team that wants to prove that all platforms are great.

For all we know we could even make our own storylines with the “diverse” and “one platform for all” teams if we want. We could make it like the “one platform for all” teams creating continuous warfare throughout the years until a team suddenly forms where all the cultural differences didn’t matter to them and have banded together to show everyone a different and more peaceful path (all through decimating all the other teams). If we’re lucky, this would boost the sales of the platforms and would encourage Sony to open the doors to crossplay even wider by unlocking more of the locks on games like Minecraft, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Monster Hunter World, Smite, and many more.

Monster Hunter World

In my humble opinion, this is the true way console wars should be. It shouldn’t be through forums or comments sections where all we see is talk and no walk, where the flamers are hidden and protected in their anonymous names unless a dark web level hacker finds them and screws them over just because of their trolling opinion about a certain platform. So thank you Sony for finally listening to us gamers and giving us the chance to fight the trolls and play with our friends who were just limited to a specific platform. This is just the start of all of us, no matter what platform, to make great memories with each other, this time with the walls torn down and the guns and swords ready at our backs for the “true” chaos to finally surge forth.